Welcome to Wax the Matter? candles.  Based in Pembrokeshire south west Wales, the natural beauty of my homeland fills me with the inspiration and desire to be creative.  I started making candles as a hobby in 2008.  Friends and family then started asking me to make candles for them.  The more I experimented, the more creative I became and the more I enjoyed working with natural waxes such as beeswax, soya, and more recently rapeseed which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of wax which can be produced by British farmers.  I then started selling candles to local businesses on a small scale and from this was asked to teach people the art of making candles, so now you know that candles are my thing.  What’s yours?

The uniqueness of a hand made candle means that no two candles are ever exactly the same.  Add to this the little extras you can give a candle such as colour or smells and you really can start to have so much fun. Candles can be made to order should you require something unique and special or you can join me for a workshop whereby I can show you how you can start making your own candles.  You can also purchase candlemaking kits which are very reasonably priced just to find out if candlemaking is your thing too.

Please visit the rest of my web site to find out more and I hope you enjoy the experience.

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