Workshops – learn how to make your own candles, have fun and relax the same time !

Please contact me to arrange workshop date.  Pre-booking & payment in full necessary

SUMMARY OF WORKSHOP for individuals or a small group of up to 4

Workshop Option  – £95 per person (£90 if you book for two or more participants)

You can visit my workshop in Pembrokeshire West Wales and learn how to make candles?  Spend some time in a beautiful rural and peaceful setting.  If you are interested please scroll down to find out more.


  School workshop 2

So in summary here’s what’s involved  – how candles are made !

A double boiler system is used to melt the wax.  Choosing the correct wick and centering it correctly is crucial.  Once ready, the melted wax is poured into a pillar candle mould, votive or container.







workshop  –  for individuals (4 – 5 hours)
£95 (£5p.p. discount for bookings of 2 or more)

You will make and take at least 8 candles.  They will be made using different techniques and using different materials.  You will work mainly with soy, rapeseed, beeswax and paraffin gel wax.  You will learn to make free standing pillar, chunk, container and rolled taper candles. We will use dyes, essential oils and candle perfumes.  This workshop is suitable for a maximum of 4 students at a time and there is a £5 discount available per person for bookings of 2 persons or more .  Dates available on request or by prior arrangement.  Complimentary refreshments & a light lunch is offered on the day.  Any dietary requirements need to be notified beforehand.  Payment in full is required when booking. Larger class sizes can be organised at a different venue.


If you are interested, accommodation can now be offered in a holiday cottage which is 25 minutes away

Please visit or telephone 07875 853136

For course reviews from past students, please see CRAFTCOURSES.COM

If you are interested in a workshop then please contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss further and I shall look forward to meeting you to make some candles….